Winter Steelhead Fishing is in full effect!

We have been continuing with our updates and changes here at NK Fishing Guides and haven’t been giving our blog the attention it needs. WE ARE BACK! 

It’s a new year and with that comes new resolutions, new experiences, new fish and… you get the picture. The slate is wiped clean and 2019 we are ready for you!

I’m sure you’re ready for us to get to all the fishy details… here it goes!

Our new year started out on the slow side, with the real winter weather hitting more so in late January. However it has given the river levels a chance to fluctuate; cleaning out the water and sending fish up river. The searching for fish began early January and, the catching did not take long following the search. Hooking up on fish from the first float down the river to our last float (which happens to be today). 

We were able to get a  fight on video for you to see! Check it out below —->

Winter steelhead fishing on the rivers has been great for NK Fishing Guides. 

If you haven’t been on a guided fishing trip or haven’t fished much, Nate is your guy and steelhead fishing is a great way to start. His instruction doesn’t get any better. Nate is very knowledgeable and and excellent oarsman. Don’t miss your chance for a guided winter steelhead fishing trip! 

Give us a call today: Nate-541-499-9922 Jo-C- 541-499-9580

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Our home baker even got creative for us making NK pancakes and delicious vanilla poppyseed muffins to have on the river!

Need the recipe for those amazing muffins? We tried to find a link for you to follow but couldn’t find that recipe on the web. So just email us if you get the urge to bake them! 

Even the baker couldn’t resist a bite.. haha ^


Winter steelhead are an awesome fish to catch. The fight is incredible and the dancing out of the water is a great sight to see. Get in the NK Fishing Guide boat for the best day on the water anyone could ask for!