Who’s ready for no more muddy shoes, the warmth of sunshine on your face, shorts, flip flops and a river color that doesn’t resemble chocolate milk? The NK family has been patiently waiting for the wonderful spring weather that has been showing off the last few days. Oh my goodness! The first sunburn of the year now out of the way, our summer tans just barely beginning to form.

We are getting more and more anxious everyday to feel the bite and pull from the beloved spring salmon on our local rogue river! Anyone feeling the same way as us? Join in with NK on the search for a rogue river spring chinook salmon. When will the first one be brought to the boat!?

Nate has been taking advantage of the better water clarity, combining a little bit of salmon hunting and steelhead catching on southern Oregon’s rogue river! Determined to break the ice on “springer” season, we are putting plenty of our extra time to the river.

Let’s not forget that it is E-A-S-T-E-R! For those with littles like us, that means a little extra planning on our part parents! Eggs, bunnies, candy, family, dinners and soooo much fun!

Today we were able to watch the NK minis run around with family and friends in hopes that they would find that first egg or the most eggs. They were so excited to have a special hunt completely for them, or maybe more like two hunts! Not to mention… it meant that candy was on the menu for the next 2 weeks.

What can we say?! We are suckers for those sweet little smiles!

From our family to yours, we wish you all a fantastic and wonderful day. Whatever your traditions may consist of; NK Fishing Guides hopes that it brings happiness, family and fun!