Steady rain the last week provided the Elk and Sixes with the water we’ve been needing. Finally!!! It looks like the previous rainfall will hold the water flow, allowing the fishing to continue through the rest of the week. We are still crossing our fingers for more rain to come in the forecast. These coastal rivers are oh so delicate but can be so rewarding, making sense of the saying, “patience is a virtue”. 

Dave and Mike were able to experience some coastal fun with NK Fishing Guides. Enjoying the beautiful waters of the Elk River on the coast of Oregon and getting some fish action as well. These two had many chances at fish, the extremely soft biting salmon making them work for a tight line. Finally, the hard work paid off. The bite was just long enough for Dave to set the hook and enjoy the fight of this Chinook Salmon. 

This year’s weather has made for a later season of the coastal chrome nevertheless, the drive for fighting these incredible fish will never deplete. The take down, hook set and noodle arms you get after the fight make backbouncing something you crave throughout every waking moment. 

Come out and fish with NK Fishing Guides! 

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