Guided Coquille River Fishing Trips


Coquille River Winter Steelhead Fishing

Being an Oregon coastal river makes the Coquille an alluring river to fish. The most popular area to fish on the Coquille is located closest to Myrtle Point Oregon, however the river curves through a broad amount of country. It has four forks; the North, Middle, East and South forks that provide the main stem of the Coquille its water.

Guided fishing trips on the Coquille river seem to have their own place in memories of fishing. Some of the most productive days come from fishing for winter steelhead on the Coquille. My first time fishing this river for winter steelhead, myself and two other buddies were tagged out within a few short hours. I have seen and experienced days of 12 plus fish to the boat with plenty of other missed opportunities.

The Coquille river has a phenomenal hatchery program that provides exceptional fishing conditions under ample river circumstances. If you expect an abundant amount of chances at fish, the Coquille hatchery program gives the river that possibility and you should book this trip. It is one of the best steelhead guided trips you can find. A person can take home 3 hatchery steelhead per day on parts of the Coquille river system and these winter steelhead fishing adventures are done from a drift boat with a built-in heater and oven! Oven??! Yes, we have a built-in area you can heat up frozen food. For example, I take breakfast burritos, wrap them in tinfoil, stick them in this tray; within 30 minutes I’ve got breakfast or lunch on the water!

If you are looking to stay in a hotel during your Oregon fishing adventure, these two hotels are in close proximity to the Coquille river:
Myrtle Trees Motel (541) 572-5811 – Located in Myrtle Point, Oregon.
Myrtle Lane Inn (541) 396-2102 – Located in Coquille, Oregon.