If you follow along with us, you know that if spare time is ever had, NK Fishing Guides is out and about. Rarely do we miss an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors by sitting in front of the T.V., unless by chance Gold Rush or Wicked Tuna is showing. The NK family loves to go explore what nature has provided, living wild and freely.

We have been away from our usual place of residence, living on the Oregon coast for the fall chinook salmon run. Enjoying our exploring of the new-ish to us area we have been very bad about taking pictures and sharing with our followers. Beach walks, crabbing fun, woodsy hikes, coastal town looking, fish scouting, keeping up at home and everything else possible we can fit into the short fall/winter days.

Driving up the Elk River is our most recent activity this week along with the fishing. If you follow the elk river road off of hwy 101 you will see the upper portions of the river and very beautiful forest lands.

Along our way up the back roads, we parked along the river to walk the banks and get fresh air. When we stopped, we noticed two Oregon State Police officer’s trucks parked at the same area, sitting in their vehicles talking. As we continued our walk approaching them, they started their trucks and began leaving abruptly. If it wasn’t for 3 year old Nessie screaming “Do you have a sticker!!!?” these two officers would never have stopped and greeted us. After handing the NK mini’s a sticker it was back in the trucks and down the road they went.

Slightly puzzled at the shortness, we looked back to where they were parked and saw this bag of trash sitting along the serene riverbanks. Why wouldn’t those officers pick that up while they were just sitting along the river talking? Isn’t it part of their job to keep the state they work for pristine, monitored and safe. It blew our minds seeing actions like this coming from the people we have protecting our state not only from crime but from unlawful abiding citizens.

Here at NK Fishing Guides, we strive to pick up all trash we run into when we are running around as much as we do. We think of it as leaving things better than the way we found them. Trash in the outdoors where it doesn’t belong is so wrong and leads to the gated forests and the no public access our society is seeing more and more often. Packing out the bag of trash we noticed certainly doesn’t bother us, it was just an appalling to see that the Oregon State Police, either overlooked or ignored the trash.

Keep Oregon clean, beautiful and green everyone! If we don’t the beauty we all love to enjoy won’t be there anymore!