Guided Elk River Fishing Trips

Salmon & Steelhead

Elk River Salmon Fishing

Oregon’s coastal elk river posses some of the most harmonious habitats and grounds a person can find. This stunning country is an Oregon adventure not to miss out on. Riverbanks touched mostly by wildlife and river beds full of extremely fresh Chinook salmon. This float begins only a mere 10 miles from the ocean mouth providing some of the best salmon fishing in this region. Not only do the best guided Chinook salmon trips come from the elk river, but the grade of the salmon you catch from it is also above excellent.

The Elk River is located just north of Port Orford, Oregon. This river is a hatchery host where Chinook salmon and steelhead are raised and released into the coastal river system. You will find many tanks at this hatchery to view tons of growing fish. The “Elk” is known for its exceptional water quality, outstanding fishery and beautiful scenery. There are 3 campgrounds along the river; Butler Bar, Sunshine Bar and the third is at Laird Lake. Great hiking grounds and even better fishing habitat, the Elk River will leave you speechless with it’s breathtaking beauty.

Fall Chinook salmon fishing season for the Elk River begins late October and continues through the last days of December. During these short few months some of the largest salmon can be harvested. I have seen a ton of huge fall Chinook salmon caught during my professional guiding career including one my wife was lucky to catch crushing the 40 pound mark!!

If you haven’t made it to the Oregon coast do not wait another day! Accompanying a family vacation to the wonderful pacific ocean of Oregon with a guided fishing trip on the elk river will leave you more than satisfied. Mother nature does all the talking and the fishing is some of the finest you can come by.

Elk River Steelhead Fishing

As briefly mentioned above, you can also winter steelhead fish the elk river. Winter steelhead have got to be the most sought after fish of our Oregon rivers and they have good reason. Winter steelhead fishing with a professional Oregon guide will create an unforgettable experience. A day of steelhead fishing consists of forgetting the amount of bites you had, extremely intense fights on ultra light tackle, 100 yard runs up and down the river after you hook up and chrome bright fish you will need your sunglasses for. At NK Fishing Guides we are always striving to ensure that you book a trip during peak season, we are prepared for you to get in the boat to go for a dream fishing trip that will entail catching winter steelhead, great memories and the best experience a guided fishing trip can offer.