A day late sharing this coastal king! The water, for those accustomed to the sixes river, was almost at halfway on the 1 mark but, there was no way for rescheduling for Richard and his daughter. They were here on the Oregon coast and all game for salmon fishing rain or shine, low water and all. 

Call Nate crazy, or maybe just ambitious, he had to push the boat throughout this trip. He was determined to find a Chinook salmon for these two to take home, pushing him to spend as much time in every deep hole he approached. After almost leaving a hole, the clear water uncovered a school of fish pushing past the boat. Rowing back up to the top of the hole as fast as he could, the fish seemed to have went back to hide in the deep hole instead of continuing up the river. A few bounces and a sudden take down was all it took to have this coastal salmon hooked.

Congratulations on your first salmon! NK fishing guides can’t wait to take you guys again.