The wait for that tug of chrome proceeds 

As the rain continues, we patiently await the rivers clearing up and levels lowering to fish-able states. Don’t wait around for the rain to stop though; the rivers will be getting into shape very quickly!! Dates for February and March are nearly filled and April is working it’s way to the same. Hurry and give us a call if you’re interested in catching a winter steelhead with us for the 2020 season!

Valentine’s Day

If you have a sweet someone to buy a special gift for this year and are completely lost as to what to get for a present; here are a few ideas!

Qalo Ring– If you have a loved one who is an outdoor enthusiast or obsessed with working out, these rings are the perfect fit. They’re are made of silicone, are a great alternative to loosing a very expensive diamond or gold ring and are super comfy! Customize one to your liking and still not break the bank! 

Camping Love Seat– No better way to get a little closer than to buy the camp chairs already put together. Your “other half” will love the cuddles. $51.99 for this Sierra brand

Couples Sleeping Bag- Ready for a romantic getaway in the mountains, along the river or in the bed of a pick up? What a way to keep your girl or guy cozy with this sleeping bag built for 2!! This duo bag is a little more pricey at $159 for the North Face brand.

Del Rio Wine– How about a bottle of the sweet sparkling rose from Del Rio Vineyards in Gold Hill! A day ended with a sparkling glass of Jolee for your valentine will sure hit the spot! Bottles run about $13.

Fishing Trip– A gift certificate for a full day of fishing is always a great option for your hunny at home! Buy a gift certificate before the 1st of February and we will include a bottle of Del Rio’s Jolee wine on your trip!!

Valentine’s day is just 16 days away guys and gals!!! Hope this helps when searching for that perfect gift for your perfect someone!!