Chinook salmon fishing on the upper Rogue River is officially kicked off! Sam booked a seat with NK and was able to hook into this king salmon early in the day of fishing the rogue! Those of you who don’t fish for springers this time of year should know how much of an accomplishment this can be! The kings of the Rogue River are a very sought after fish in Southern Oregon. They are prized for their always exciting, strong fight an over sushi grade meat. If you take a look at the color of the meat on this salmon, you will see just how high the quality really is. And oh the taste of Rogue River Spring Salmon!!

Sam was also nice enough to share some of this delicious meat with our family… let me tell you.. how…. good it really was!! We have been craving a salmon dinner for quite some time now and it was finally had! Thanks Sam!!

Great job out there guys! Ready to see the next salmon on the upper Rogue in the boat!