Anyone who has taken a fishing trip on the river knows that the bite of a spring Chinook Salmon is tricky. This morning NK Fishing Guides had Russ in the front of the boat. As they floated down to the first fishing hole of the day, the sun was rising over the southern Oregon cascades, Russ had his rod in hand ready to bounce and the guys were so excited to be on the water. Nate situated the boat just perfect and said, “Okay Russ, drop it in”. Russ back-bounced the fishing hole on the rogue flawlessly and within 30 seconds of that first bounce, a fish was on. The fish was fought in the hole for a minute or two when suddenly, the fish decided to head back to the pacific ocean. Russ held on tight as the spring salmon changed it’s course many times. It took a fancy spin move to get this girl in the net, but it all paid off in the end.

Russ, it is such an honor and blessing to have the opportunity to spend as many days as I am able to with you in the boat. Thank you so much for your loyalty and all the support you give to NK Fishing Guides and our family. We love spending time with your family and enjoy every chance we get to see you all. Thank you even more for the service you have given to our country! Russ, you are awesome!!