We had been patiently waiting for the spring turkey season to open.. okay, maybe we weren’t so patient in our waiting. Our overly excited family could not wait for opening day of spring turkey. Some people don’t enjoy the taste of wild turkey however, the meat from these birds is a favorite spring snack for the NK family. The recipe for our wild turkey will be below —> keep reading!!

One beautiful spring afternoon, Nate was ready to get out of the house with the kiddos. The NK minis were loaded into the truck with some artillery in the front seat and off they went for their turkey adventure. 

If you haven’t had the chance to hunt with littles, you are missing out! It makes a hard hunt now on expert level times 10! Those kiddos have to learn somehow though, and what better way than experience with dad? 

After a long hike up the mountain, break time was much needed for the tiny legs following dad so closely. While the kiddos drank some water and munch on snacks; these are like the most important thing to bring… never forget snacks. Nate started calling and had immediate interaction with a couple toms, closer than he realized they were too. 

Duane and Nessie were so excited, smiles from ear to ear on both of their faces after hearing the turkeys call back to dad. 

The next thing that happened was even more unbelievable..

One of those toms was coming into site of the NK’s. The kids stayed still behind the bush while Nate kept the tom coming closer and closer.

The rest of the story can be explained by the pictures! Those kiddos were just so ecstatic to come home with a turkey in the back of the truck and didn’t stop talking about their hunt with dad for days and days!

Good job guys!

Our recipe for wild turkey; we call it turkey jerky-

  • After cutting the breasts into strips marinade in “very very teriyaki” sauce for at least 12 hours. We do this in gallon zip lock bags and keep it in the refrigerator overnight. We get the sauce at rays food place or shady cove market or even Walmart sometimes.
  • Once the marinating time is over, lay the meat out to somewhat dry. We use our smoker racks and oven pans for this step or just a strainer. You can let it dry for around 30 min.
  • Meanwhile, get your barbecue clean and ready to grill. Your heat level should be medium to hot. You want the turkey to cook fast so that it doesn’t get overly dried out.
  • When the turkey is done dripping the teriyaki sauce lay the strips on a greased barbecue grill. You want to be sure that you spray the grill racks with oil or the turkey will be almost glued to the rack.
  • Flip the turkey over after about 3 min depending on the heat of your grill and continue cooking until desired done level. With wild game you want to be careful with how rare you go.. we cook our birds thoroughly!

ENJOY! This turkey jerky is literally the best!!