It’s that time of year again; Winter steelhead fishing where have you been?! The winter may bring blues to some due to the cold, rainy days and dark skies but, to others it enlightens with the tug from the brightest, feistiest fish in the river. A fish that many seek, stalk and dream about; The one known for a thousand casts… winter steelhead! 

NK Fishing guides is now booking steelhead fishing trips here in southern Oregon and if you haven’t been on the river this time of year, you are missing out. The river becomes a beautiful emerald color and the steelhead shine like diamonds. Not familiar to this type of fishing, don’t worry, we use spinning reels, light action rods and your guide does all but hold the fishing pole and reel your fish in. A method called side drifting is the most common way we fish for these and if you have no fishing experience it is super easy to catch on!

Don’t like the cold? Our boats are heated and also have an “oven” for hot food on the water!

Now is the time to get on the rivers and feel the fight from a winter steelhead. They are sure to show you plenty of jumps out of the water, runs up and down and back again before finally giving into the net. Don’t miss out on the chrome bright fish of the winter!

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