Umpqua River Fishing Guides

Salmon, Steelhead & Bass

North Umpqua Steelhead Fishing

The North Umpqua River is known for some of the best winter steelhead fishing in Oregon. There is no hatchery, so the steelhead caught on this stem of the Umpqua is likely to be native but, the river produces massive amounts of those native winter steelhead. The fish on the North Umpqua river are generally larger fish; landing a steelhead near that 20 plus pound mark is very common for Umpqua fishing guides. A professionally guided steelhead trip on the Umpqua river will bring you lots of chances at those chrome “metalheads” we all can’t get enough of. The North Umpqua River offers some of the best winter steelhead fishing in Oregon.

North Umpqua Winter Steelhead Season: January to April.


Main Umpqua River Coho Salmon Fishing

This fish, a very prized salmon species know to anglers of all kinds is also known as a “silver”. My first time fishing for coho salmon on the main Umpqua I caught more silvers than I ever thought I would. Silvers are hard biters and love to attack plugs or spinners in the water making for a super aggressive takedown and fun fight. Guiding for coho salmon is always exciting to me because there are so many chances to catch a coho salmon on the main Umpqua. Fishing for silvers on a guided fishing adventure with NK Fishing Guides will ensure lots of fishing excitement on one of the best rivers in Oregon.

Main Umpqua coho salmon fishing season- September to Late October.

Main Umpqua River Steelhead Fishing

The main stem of the Umpqua River system is a very unique river to fish. At the right water level, this part of the Umpqua can be one of the best places to fish for winter steelhead. The main stem flows along mostly remote or low populated areas leaving a person with a true feeling of being outdoors on a guided fishing adventure. If peace and quiet are what you are wanting on your fishing trip, the main stem of the Umpqua would suit you perfectly. With more areas to fish than the North and South Umpqua’s, you will be around fewer people on the water and also a ton of fish! This part of the river triples your chances of catching winter steelhead because the fish have to run up the main before splitting off to either of the stems. It is like fishing three rivers all at once. Generally fishing this river happens earlier in the season because the water levels have to be perfect and with too much rain or snow those levels increase tremendously.
Main Umpqua Winter Steelhead Season- Late November to February.

Main Umpqua River Bass Fishing

There is no better fishing adventure for the whole family than bass fishing on the main Umpqua river. Using ultra light action tackle and spinning rod and reels allows for super easy fishing for all levels of anglers. A day on the main Umpqua fishing for bass is one of the best fishing trips for all ages. Every cast that is made will bring in an aggressive bite or reeling in a good sized small mouth bass. Catching more smallmouth bass than you can keep track of makes for a full day of fishing and endless smiles for everyone!

Main Umpqua bass fishing season- May to Late July.

South Umpqua River Steelhead Fishing

The South Umpqua River produces some of the best Winter Steelhead Fishing a person can find in Oregon. With a broodstock hatchery program on the South Umpqua River, return numbers of hatchery Winter Steelhead are the finest around southern Oregon. If you haven’t had the chance to catch a Winter Steelhead on the South Umpqua now is the time! This river produces the largest, brightest and fiestiest hatchery Winter Steelhead. Hooking a 20-pound Steelhead is not hard to come by for a few guides on the South Umpqua.

Being able to guide on the South Umpqua River brings me so much joy. Every day on the water fishing for Winter Steelhead, I face daily challenges that I look forward to overcoming and learning from so I can be one of the best Oregon fishing guides around. This river has taught me so much about fishing and has elevated my skills as a winter steelhead guide on the South Umpqua River.

South Umpqua Winter Steelhead Season- January to April.